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Systemic Constellation (Family Constellation)

Systemic Constellation, also called Family Constellation, is based on the observation that our bodies have an unconscious way of knowing information about the family, workplace, and social systems we belong to. Constellations allow us to tap into this knowledge and make our felt inner maps of our relationships visible. This modality can help to heal a wide variety of issues including family, work, health, money, personal, and spiritual matters.

By tapping into our body's awareness, constellations help to bypass the stories and psychological defenses we have and reveal the deeper truths and opportunities for healing. Changes that occur in constellations can ripple out in positive ways for the client as well as the other members of their system.

This work has been practiced around the world for over 20 years. In the U.S. our lack of familiarity with this kind of deep work can make it seem magical, but the experience is that of tapping into a larger truth. While Constellation is complicated to describe, it makes complete sense once you've experienced it.

If you are interested in having a constellation for your own issue, or participating in the circle or as a representative, you are welcome to join our Constellation Circles in Petaluma. We also use constellation when appropriate in our private sessions. We have been working with Systemic Constellation since 2005 and studied facilitation from Jane Peterson in Portland, Oregon.

How It Works

Constellations are led by trained facilitators in group and individual settings. People or objects are used to "represent" the relevant elements in the client's system such as father, mother, money, illness, work, etc. The client chooses the representatives and places them based on a felt sense of where they are in relationship to each other. The facilitator then asks the representatives to report out on their experience in terms of body sensations, reoccurring thoughts, and emotions. If objects are used, the facilitator may feel each object to sense these qualities. Through this process, the disruptions in the system come to light along with opportunities for healing. The facilitator gently guides the movements of the representatives and suggests healing phrases to help shift the system into a more harmonious alignment. Constellations take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

The client as a witness to the constellation is able to see their internalized experience externalized. This alone often yields new awarenesses that are not possible through conscious thoughts. In addition constellations often open up movement in places that have been stuck, such as letting go of an old family pattern, revealing the true motivations of an action, or releasing energy around a chronic issue. The healing energy that emerges may ripple out over many days and weeks as the changes in the constellation integrate into the client's life and system.

Being a representative in a constellation has its own rewards. Once a representative has been placed in a constellation, their task is to simply pay attention to their body's sensations. The process unfolds quite naturally, and there is no role playing involved. Representing connects people with subtle soulful energies which help to expand their experience of humanity and give them a unique sense of connection as they participate in another's healing process. It is an amazing experience.

For more informaton contact us or visit the Wikipedia page on Family Constellations.