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Snail Mail Reusable Cards

       front                          inside
Front of Snail Mail card. Inside of Snail Mail card.

These cards are great ways to stay connected with friends and family. We made Snail Mail cards to be reusable. Just write your personal message in pencil so that it can be resent to others and you'll keep the good vibes flowing.

We believe that through good design we can experience an abundance of what really matters while using fewer resources. For more ideas of how to create more from less, check out the slow living movement and slow design.

We offer these reusable cards as a gift. If you enjoy them, please consider giving a gift in return.

Print Your Own Snail Mail Cards

This PDF can be printed, cut, and folded into your own Snail Mail cards. Click for larger view.

1. Print page one of the Snail Mail PDF [1.3MB], in color for best results, on an 8.5" x 11", light-
    colored, thick paper or card stock.
2. Print page two on the back of page one.
3. Cut into two cards along the dotted lines and fold them in half. You now have two Snail Mail
    cards to send to the people you care about.

Less and More of What?

Having less of some things can free up our time and resources for more of the things we find really fulfilling. Click on all of the answers that apply and add others of your own. You can 'View Results' at the bottom of each poll.

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