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About Beth, Eric, and Create The Good Life

Beth Meredith

Beth and Eric

's favorite childhood story is Stone Soup in which a group of villagers, starting with water and stones, manages to create a wonderful soup by each contributing what he or she has. The thread running through Beth's background in architectural and urban design, social psychology, and cross-cultural studies is how we can best tap our collective creativity in designing how to live. Virtues and vices include big picture thinking, creative problem solving, planning, curriculum design, watching slice-of-life films, and green tea.
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Eric Storm

 still owns his well worn copy of the Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom which he memorized as a child. Eric has had a lifelong curiosity and ability to learn within a wide range of subjects including the Japanese language, rock climbing, fine art, architecture and building science, information technology, and the Enneagram. Eric's desire is to create rich learning experiences that engage the mind as well as the heart, summed up by the phrase "sacred, adult, play space". Virtues and vices include an ability to discern patterns and create systems, a craftsman-like attention to detail, a calm demeanor, sci-fi novels, and ginger cookies.
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 we are personal and organizational advisers with Create The Good Life where we help people solve problems and redesign their lives and work for increased well being. With our eclectic backgrounds and diverse skill sets we can help in a wide variety of situations. See what people say about us or read more about our services.

Previously we were principals of a green home design firm in Portland, OR, Living Spaces Design from 2004 to 2009. We offered architectural, furniture, and behavioral solutions for people to live more happily in their homes while reducing their Ecological Footprint. From 1999 to 2004, we were the Co-Coordinators of Sustainable Sonoma County, a nonprofit offering sustainability education to individuals, businesses, and local government.

We live in Petaluma California, 40 minutes north of San Francisco. We value the unique qualities of Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area, and we encourage you to enjoy your place and local economy as well.

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