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The December newsletter suggests ways to use this season to practice Slow Living to savor life, find meaning, and connect more.
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We recently joined Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative, strengthening local economy and character. Support your unique place. Ours is Sonoma County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Welcome to Create the Good Life

We help people lead slower, more fulfilling lives. Through holistic design, training, and consulting we work to simplify the clutter and focus on well being, for you and the planet.


Enjoying a good life-work balance.

Feeling connected to friends, family, and where you live.

Taking time to pursue what is meaningful to you.

Slow Life Design in a Fast Moving World

We work with people who want re-design their lives to be better. Often they are in some type of transition (career, family, or personal), experiencing a specific issue (a growing family or business), or feeling dissatisfied or at an impasse. We work with them to clarify their real goals and priorities and to map several, often creative, paths forward. We draw upon a wide array of design, psychological, and other tools and frameworks and customize our approach for each situation and person.

Over the last 20 years we have applied our design approach to many things and experiences: products, homes, websites, educational curricula, programs, group processes, etc. We work with individuals and organizations and are available for one–time consultations as well as longer projects. For more specifics about our work, see our slow services, read about us, or contact us.

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